Every woman has her own, unique pathway to pleasure. Parents, friends, media, social norms, personal experiences all blend together to form our perception of pleasure - what it is, who deserves it, how it is obtained, what is socially acceptable, what is not.

My goal is to empower women along their journey by helping them to identify new and creative ways to find pleasure in their lives. Some of us like to venture down side-roads, finding unexpected surprises along the way. Others like to stay on the beaten path, following the more direct journey towards our destination. Sometimes, life experiences (relationships, grief, trauma, stress) lead us towards a dead end, or leave us feeling as if the path has been washed away beneath our feet, leaving us nowhere to land - no solid footing - lost in the midst of a giant maze - afraid to get back on the path, or afraid of making a wrong turn. Some of us are enjoying the journey, but have an inkling that something even more spectacular could spice things up a bit. Wherever you are along your journey, I welcome you to continue exploring – you never know what you may discover.





Kristy Lowther, MSW has spent over fifteen years studying the field of sexuality. She has a master’s degree in social work and an undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis in sexuality and gender studies. Kristy is dedicated to empowering women through education and transformational experiences, and particularly enjoys working with women to explore their postpartum sexuality. In her free time, you will find Kristy hiking in the woods, dancing, learning to play the fiddle, or spending time with her two young children.