Embracing your Postpartum Sexuality

Weekly Topics

Week 1 – Birth Experience Reflections
Week 2 – Physical Healing
Week 3 – Emotional Healing
Week 4 – Exploring Your Own Sexuality
Week 5 – Exploring Partner Sex
Week 6 – Balancing It All

Circle discussions will include the following:

  • Finding the balance between new roles as mother and sexual woman
  • Working through physical and emotional trauma from birth
  • Dealing with lack of desire, time, and personal space for sex
  • Finding time to connect with yourself and your partner
  • Embracing your beautiful postpartum body


Why should you join?

  • You want to talk openly about life after having a baby in a safe space
  • You struggle to find time for yourself
  • You long to bring pleasure, desire, and passion back into your life
  • You’ve had a traumatic childbirth experience
  • You are experiencing pain with postpartum sex
  • You’re struggling with your body image after having a baby
  • You are looking for women who share similar experiences